Scotch eggs

– The paleo way These eggs are easy to make and they contain lots of protein and little fat . For 10 eggs :

  • 10 organic eggs
  • 1 kg minced meat – not too lean

the rest of the ingredients for the meat can vary according to what you have in the fridge and on how spicy you want your eggs to be. But here are some ideas:

  • tomato concentrate
  • finely chopped vegetables – bell pepper, carrot, onion, sun-dried tomato
  • dry spices – salt, pepper, chili, sweet paprika, raz el hanout, cumin, coriander
  • fresh herbs – parsley, oregano, thyme

Knead the meat and the chosen ingredients thoroughly, it must be completely uniform. Set it aside and let it rest. Boil the eggs as you want them, I recommend medium to hardboiled. Peel them right away and put them on a clean, dry cloth. Split the meat into ten balls, and knead it again. Now you are ready to make your Scotch eggs. There are several more and less easy ways to assemble them but the result is the same so therefore, this is what I find most easy. Roll the meat into a ball and press it flat on a cutting board, turn the meat and press it more flat until it has a diameter of approx. 12cm. Place it in your palm, put an egg in the middle and close the stuffing around the egg. it is important that the mixture seals the egg, so the cracks disappear. Put a slight pressure on the ball, like making a snowball, to let the air out. When the ball is uniform, put it on a baking tray lined with baking paper. Bake them in the oven at about 170c for approx. 20min. Be careful not to bake them too much, especially if you use a low-fat meat. It can make the Scotch eggs rather dry. If the minced meat is high-fat, it may be necessary to remove the juices from the baking tray during the baking .. Eat them on the road or with a delicious salsa. Scotch eggs   Scotch eggs Scotch eggs   Scotch eggs Scotch eggs   Scotch eggs