Ice cream without feeling guilty

– This delicious dessert can be enjoyed as is or as a cool mousse – and then takes it no time to prepare… I used Nescafé espresso powder, but I’m sure that using pure cocoa powder will make the angels sing too.


  • 1 can of ice-cold coconut cream or the fat part of the coconut milk
  • 8 dates, soft Iranian
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • flavour – Nescafé espresso coffee powder or pure cocoa powder

Cover the pitted dates with boiling water and let them soak for a while. Remove excess water, blend the dates into a puree and let it cool down. Whisk the ice-cold coconut creme and vanilla with a mixer until it is very airy and stiff. Add the pureed dates, little by little, together with the flavour. Taste before serving or leaving it in the freezer. The finished cream is quite stiff so normally it doesn’t require freezing. It’s a bit like a cold creamy tiramisu…

Sprinkle with cocoa powder or small chunks of dark chocolate.

Ice cream